Untitled! Screen Saver by Chris Akin

2005-11-20 : An OpenGL screensaver by Chris Akins, using images from the comic strip Untitled! by Gloria Pike. Well, eventually anyway. :)

Chris and I are still working on figuring out what will go here. The final product is not available yet. From Chris:

2005-11-14 : 'Tis but a simple screensaver: a cube, in the center of the screen, with six different pictures from the comic and/or Gloria's art on its sides. The vast majority of the code is borrowed from NeHe (nehe.gamedev.net), a wonderful site for graphics novices; my contribution is simply using six different textures in one of their basic tutorials, instead of the supplied one.

Please find included one zipped folder containing 6 bitmaps, one .cpp file, and 2 the two pages from NeHe that I found most helpful in deciphering their code. Actually, this is just the OpenGL source code. To use this as a screensaver, I'd have to rename it to foo.scr and include a .rc file so that windows can use it.

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