Music Collection Maintenance

2009-06-29 : I've often wanted a tool that would allow me to rename a track in my music collection while keeping the playlists in sync. It would also be helpful to identify which tracks mentioned in playlists were missing, which tracks were misfiled, etc. I've written a Java program to do this.

In this screenshot, we see that there are two copies of the Diamond Rio song which have different names and are not in any playlists. Plus, the playlist refers to the song by a third name that doesn't actually exist (dark gray). By selecting all three rows and picking "canonicalize" from the menu (not shown) we get the above dialog. The top table shows details about the available tracks such as their size and modification date, allow the tracks to be played with a right click (shown). The track selected in the table will be kept and the other tracks deleted. The bottom dropdown shows all the names used to refer to the track (according to the parent window selection). The track name entered in this box will be used for the kept track and all of the referring playlists.

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