Unit Testing Tips And Tricks: Database Interactions

2005-03-28 : Rachel was looking for someone to do a presentation for the next Twin Cities Java SIG meeting. I volunteered to put something to gether on unit testing tips and tricks. I decided to focus on database interactions, because that's know to be tricky, or at least relatively impractical due to speed and other issues. I don't think this has to be the case, and I wanted to show off some of the neat stuff I've come up with in this area.

I presented to about ten people, and they seemed to like it. I was originally going to do a live demo of writing the unit tests, but my five year old laptop was not up to the task, so I just showed code samples in my IDE during the presentation.

2005-04-21 : I was asked by John Goodhue if I could give the presentation to the Twin Cities Oracle Users' Group, since he needed another presenter. I said sure! I went back and cleaned up my presentation, tightening up and focusing my discussion on attitudes toward unit testing. I also put the code samples directly into the presentation. Originally, half of what I talked about isn't even in the slides. This way, people looking at just the slides won't be missing out on so much.

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