Distributed File Synchronization

2004-04-22 : I want to build a program that can synchronize files between directories. Then I want to expand that so it can synchronize files between multiple networked computers (for use as an offsite backup mechanism and file sharing). Then I want to build the Music Service on top of that.

So far, I just have some notes on how to synchornize files.

2004-07-26 : I started implementing per my notes. This is one of the first Java apps I personally have written that gets down and dirty with XML, so it took me a while to get things working. After starting to looking at SAX, I found and API called StAX which was exactly what I wanted. I can serialize and deserialize a local repository description to/from disk. Now I'm starting to work on the actual repository maintenance logic - new file, deleted file, etc.

2004-08-29 : I think I finished all the validation when adding nodes to the repository, specifically the tricky file name validation. Known issue: file separators are not handled in a platform independent manner, so you can't mirror a repository in both a Windows and Unix file system.

2009-07-20 : Backup Notes.

You can get the source via anonymous CVS at

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