2004 Projects
2004-11-19 : Design notes for an infrastructure to manage comic strips and other primarily linear information.
Planning: The Wonderland Trail Expedition
2004-11-13 : Can I pull off a big backpacking trip in 2006?
2004-09-09 : A little app that allows you to resize a console window from a script.
Distributed File Synchronization
2004-04-22 : Planning to build a distributed file synchronizer.
Reverse Engineering An Attack by Exploit CAN-2004-0380
2004-05-19 : My computer was attacked by a web-page based remote code execution exploit. Here are my notes as I tracked down how my machine was attacked.
Co-planar Projection
2004-03-11 : Co-planar projection (for visualizing set of solutions to equations of the form x+y+z=a and x+y+z+w=a ), and 3D scatter plot for Excel.
Java GC Log Viewer
2004-03-05 : A script that will translate a Java garbage collection log into a nice graph.
2004-01-17 : Basic image manipulation helper (thumbnail generation).
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