2002-07-24 : For reasons unknown, sometimes some of the Sailfish GUI windows will freeze. We suspect that some interaction with VNC might be involved. What happens is that the windows stop responding to mouse clicks and disappear from the task list (they can't be alt-tabbed to). However, if you can get focus to the window through some other means (throught Java) you can still type in the windows. Further investigation with Spy++ showed that the windows have their WS_DISABLED bit turned on, which is why the OS is ignoring them. Java doesn't seem to think the windows should be disabled, and we have no idea why it's happening.

So, I wrote a little utility that looks for windows in this odd state (visible but disabled) and re-enables them. This doesn't seem to fix the problem in our app, as the windows tend to refreeze, but at least our users can save their work and restart.

2002-12-03 : Wouldn't you know they changed the window class in JDK 1.4! Fixed it to work with most recent JDKs.


(takes no command line parameters)

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