Spyro Music

[Spyro poking his head into the web page.] 2002-02-22 : I really like the game "Spyro The Dragon". After (mostly) beating it last weekend, I still had the music playing in my head, so I though it would be a lot of fun to have that music in my MP3 collection.

Extracting The Data

I had friends who used to copy PSX games off the net and play them, so I knew the games were in CD format and sometimes had CD-Audio tracks. I put my game in the drive to see if that was the case. Here's the directory structure:
M:\SCUS_942.28 417,792
M:\WAD.WAD 110,260,224
M:\S0\CRASH.EXE 325,632
M:\S0\S000000D.NSD 4,788
M:\S0\S000000D.NSF 2,621,440
M:\S0\S000003C.NSD 2,668
M:\S0\S000003C.NSF 1,638,400
M:\S0\WARP.BIN 3,776
No CDA tracks there, and WinDAC only showed the one data track as well, so no luck there.

Next I began searching the net to see if I could find any utilities. I knew that people are always trying to copy the games and play the cut-scene movies, so there must be tools out there.

It took a while, but I found a few. Most of the information was about how to copy PSX games, not how to extract multi-media files from them. I found some tools for extracting movies and audio, but must of them had no documentation and poor command line help. None of them seemed to work. They seemed to want MSCDEX, which is a Win9x component, and I'm running XP so it didn't look good.

  • Hitmen Playstation Archive - lots of utilities, but no luck using them
  • PSX 1.20 Download - again promising, but no luck
  • PSMPlay - this one worked for me!
  • Something else fascinating I found, the CD-RW newsgroup FAQ!

    I did figure out that the soundtracks are stored in a different formate from the game sound effects. The tracks are in XA format, often located in .str files. My game definitely had some of those types of files, so I just needed to get the data out of those files.

    I finally found an app that was supposed to play XA files. It complained about not being able to load the ASPI dlls. So I went searching for them. I found a site that had a test program to tell you if you had the dlls (I didn't) and a batch file that could install them and remove them for you. I installed the drivers, and the player worked like a charm. Not the most stable, but it played that unmistakable music. :)

    I found the option to save as .wav, and extracted all the files, then compressed them to MP3s. I usually use BladeEnc, but it didn't like the sampling rate of the .wav's, so I tried LAME and it worked like a charm.

    Each .str file has eight tracks. Six .str's times eight tracks for a total of forty eight tracks. Two hours and forty one minutes of music! Not bad! Now I just needed to figure out what names to give the files. Numbers just wouldn't do!

    I also pretty quickly discovered that there were some duplicates, so that would save some disk space. I decided to just visit the different worlds and identify the soundtrack that went with each one, and see if I could identify any pattern in the numbering.
    0_1Artisans - Home
    0_2Beast Makers - Wild Flight
    0_3Artisans - Stone Hill
    0_4Peace Keepers - Dry Canyon
    0_5Dream Weavers - Haunted Towers
    0_6Gnasty's World - Gnork Cove
    0_7Artisans - Sunny Flight
    0_8Beast Makers - Terrace Village
    1_1Peace Keepers - Doctor Shemp
    1_2Magic Crafters - Wizard Peak (similar to 4_8)
    1_3Dream Weavers - Icy Flight
    1_4Peace Keepers - Night Flight
    1_5Dream Weavers - Dark Passage
    1_6Peace Keepers - Ice Cavern
    1_7Dream Weavers - Lofty Castle
    1_8Beast Makers - Home
    2_1Magic Crafters - Blowhard
    2_2Peace Keepers - Home
    2_3Magic Crafters - Crystal Flight
    2_4Gnasty's World - Gnasty's Loot
    2_5Main Titles
    2_6Beast Makers - Misty Bog
    2_7Magic Crafters - Alpine Ridge
    2_8Beast Makers - Metalhead
    3_1Gnasty's World - Twilight Harbor
    3_2Gnasty's World - Gnasy Gnork
    3_3Artisans - Town Square
    3_4Peace Keepers - Cliff Town
    3_5Dream Weavers - Jacques (has noise)
    3_6Beast Makers - Tree Tops
    3_7Artisans - Dark Hollow (vaguely similar to 2_6)
    3_8Magic Crafters - Home
    4_1same as 3_7
    4_2Artisans - Toasty; Gnasty's World - Gnork Gnexus
    4_3Dream Weavers - Home
    4_4same as 4_3
    4_5End Credits (similar to 2_6)
    4_6General 1(vaguely similar to 2_7)
    4_7General 2(vaguely similar to 1_1)
    4_8General 3(similar to 1_2)
    5_1Magic Crafters - High Caves
    5_2General 4
    5_3same as 4_5
    5_4bitwise same as 4_6
    5_5bitwise same as 4_7
    5_6bitwise same as 4_8
    5_7bitwise same as 5_1
    5_8bitwise same as 5_2

    Some of the files seem to have noise (pops) in them. I'm not sure which codec is at fault, though I suspect the XA decoder. 3_5 is the worst, with a barrage at the beginning, while the other few tracks that are affected only have one or two pops. Interestingly enough, my Microsoft digital speakers mask the pops almost completely.

    I was able to identify which track went with each level rather easily, though I didn't come up with a pattern. There were four tracks left over. I'm sure I've heard these during the game. I suspect these are played after the initial song for a level is complete, either at random or depending on where you are in the level. I first really noticed this on Haunted Towers, which later played a track (5_2?) so different from the main track (0_5) that I couldn't help but notice.

    (2002-03-16) I finished the game (yay!) and finished identifiying the tracks.

    The ones that I have marked as being the same were so similar I couldn't hear any difference so I just deleted them. Now I've got 40 songs from the game to add to my music collection!

    List Of Levels
    1. Artisans
      1. Home
      2. Stone Hill
      3. Dark Hollow
      4. Town Square
      5. Toasty
      6. Sunny Flight
    1. Peace Keepers
      1. Home
      2. Dry Canyon
      3. Cliff Town
      4. Ice Cavern
      5. Doctor Shemp
      6. Night Flight
    1. Magic Crafters
      1. Home
      2. Alpine Ridge
      3. High Caves
      4. Wizard Peak
      5. Blowhard
      6. Crystal Flight
    1. Beast Makers
      1. Home
      2. Terrace Village
      3. Misty Bog
      4. Tree Tops
      5. Metalhead
      6. Wild Flight
    1. Dream Weavers
      1. Home
      2. Dark Passage
      3. Lofty Castle
      4. Haunted Towers
      5. Jacques
      6. Icy Flight
    1. Gnasty's World
      1. Gnorc Gnexus
      2. Gnorc Cove
      3. Twilight Harbor

      4. Gnasty Gnorc
      5. Gnasty's Loot
    Interestingly, the worlds all match the pattern of one home level, three normal levels, a boss level, and a flight level. All except Gnasty's world, which only has two normal levels. I left the blank line to emphasize this.

    (2002-11-09) Thanks, Pamela, for the Spyro picture (which I put at the top). It's funny, I get more e-mail about this page than anything else on my site. :)

    (2003-07-09) Here are some interesting comments I received from Austin Taft:

    Concerning a pattern to the music files, there actually is one, at least to a point. You didn't make mention of this on the page so I take the assumption that it went unnoticed. Up until the 4_5 End Credits, every song is actually in order of song length. Check it out, 0_1 is 1:53, 0_2 is 2:07, 0_3 is 2:10, etc. This continues throughout every track up until the end credits (where it stops.) Then it seems that stuff is just tossed on there in a random order, and I can't think of any logical reason why High Caves isn't with the rest of the normal levels.

    Concerning the 4 extra tracks, I have a few bits of info on those:

    Lastly, I came across this tracklisting on the internet:
    Spyro the Dragon (Main Title Screen) Alpine Ridge
    Intro: The Adventure Begins Wizard Peak
    The Artisan World Confronting Blowhard
    Town Square #1 Beast Makers World
    Town Square #2 Terrace Village
    Stone Hill Misty Bog
    Dark Hollow #1 Confronting Metalhead
    Dark Hollow #2 Dream Weavers World
    Confronting Toasty Haunted Towers
    Peace Keepers World Dark Passage
    Ice Cavern #1 Lofty Castle
    Ice Cavern #2 Gnorc Cove
    Doctor Shemp Twilight Harbor
    Dry Canyon #1 Confronting Gnasty Gnork
    Dry Canyon #2 Spyro Triumphant
    Dry Canyon #3 End Titles (reprise)
    Magic Crafters World
    Some of this makes sense, some of it doesn't. The level Tree Tops isn't listed on there (I noticed this as I've heard 2 songs in here before.) High Caves isn't listed either, and possibly others and I just haven't noticed. Haunted Towers doesn't have a note for a second song, but obviously 4 levels do (Dry Canyon actually having 3.) There's a couple of other tidbits in there, like "Spyro Triumphant." I haven't the foggiest idea which tune of the batch this would be, or if it's something different altogether.

    LOL! I never thought to check the track lengths. That's pretty funny.

    The track list is also very interesting! After receiving Austin's message, I did a search and found that track list on a Sting fan site and on another page that suggests that a CD with these tracks is available in Europe. (If anyone has info on that CD, I'd be very interested in hearing about it!) I agree, the track listing is odd compared to what is actually in the game. My guess is that the music was first composed to produce the tracks on the CD, then remixed a bit as it was added to the game. Or maybe the CD tracks were remixed based upon the music in the game. I think this is pretty common. For example, if you look at the Star Wars soundtracks, they don't match exactly what is in the final movie. Music from different sections of the movie is sometimes even put together in one track. Also, I've seen "image albums" for anime movies, which contain music that was composed early in the process to serve as inspiration and guidance for the rest of the movie development.

    (2004-05-20) Here are some interesting comments I received from Daniel Mickey:

    On your page about you ripping the Spyro music off of the game CD, you said that some of the tracks have noise, such as pops, in them and that you think one of the codecs is at fault. I'm not sure if you have noticed this since, but the exact same noise and pops are in the music when you are playing the game on the PlayStation, so somewhere between Stewart Copeland creating the music and Insomniac putting it into the game, that noise got into those tracks.

    I never noticed why I was playing the game, but that would sure explain things. :)

    (2005-12-09) Here are some comments from Spencer Riedel:

    Hello. On your post you mention dragon gem grind, saying that you can't place which level has it. I believe after having, like a freak, played the game for sveral hours a day for about two summers, concluded that this is one of four songs that will play on only certain, on an almost random basis. This particular song is heard more often in stone hill, and I find even more often when you beat the entire level in one go. Thank you.


    (2005-12-11) Here are some comments from Yatpay:

    Hi there. I stumbled across your guide while trying to rip the music from Spyro the Dragon. I couldn't get the program you used to work properly but I thought you might be interested in the program that worked great for me. It's called PsxMC and you can get it on this page: http://www.zophar.net/utilities/psxutil.html I just told it to look at the CD various file types and convert them to WAV. It's nearly done ripping now and the completed tracks sound great!


    C o m m e n t s :     updated: 2011-11-29 (2186 days ago)
    2002-12-22 : I am trying to extract the music from "Dance Dance Revolution: Konamix". The .str files are stored in a .bin file. How would I go about getting them out of this .bin format and into something I can extract?
    2002-12-27 : Sorry, I don't know how to help you with that. You'll have to keep searching the net. :)
    -- Louis! :)
    your site *fer converting spyro audio* is AWESOME, but ive caught a little snag, you see when i save as a wave, or even preview the audio, it plays TOO fast, even once converted to a .wav. have u noticed this? i was wondering it it was an error on my part or what, thx for yer help, c ya later.
    -- jeff [master of all souls]
    2003-02-21 : Sorry, I have no idea why they would play too fast. I didn't have that problem. The only idea I can think of is that the player you are using doesn't like the bit-rate or something. Sorry I can't be more help.
    -- Louis! :)
    2003-03-31 : Hello Louis. My music is inside a .dat file. How can I extract the music from this file?
    2003-07-09 : Sorry, I don't know anything about .dat files either.
    -- Louis! :)
    2003-12-06 : Hey, I've gotten the Playstation player and everything, but my computer says that it has error code 00000 and won't open my .str files-is there any way to fix this?
    2003-12-09 : Sorry, I don't know what that error code means or what would fix it.
    -- Louis! :)
    2006-11-03 : Make sure you have WNASPI32.dll in a place where PSmplay can find it,like right next to the program.
    2004-30-4 : Does anyone know where I can listen to Spyro the Dragon music from the game? I've been looking but i can't find any, and on this site i don't know what to do can someone help me please? :(
    Noel =D
    22nd December 2004 : Used it, and made a complete set of MP3's. Thanks man.
    -- Tom "MarioFreak".
    10 Jan 2005 : Can't rip tracks from Spyro1. Says that files has zero length
    -- Kuch KDA
    2005-02-06 : My own Foobar2000 plug-in supports in-place listening as well as ripping to single-song XA files on your hard drive, and the resulting single rips can be tagged with APEv2 tags. It can even scan for loop points, assuming the files have a relatively smooth loop somewhere. (Works with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but not with Spyro, since it just loops the whole tracks.)

    Sure, PSMPlay "works", but can you say it doesn't crash regularly?

    http://www.foobar2000.org/ - The player
    http://www.saunalahti.fi/cse/kode54/ - Where to get the foo_adpcm plug-in. The messy source code is also available.
    2005-05-25 : Hi, I know it's been quite a while but I thought maybe you'd like to know this. If you listen to a track in-game 3 times, the track will play again - but in a remixed version. This is likely the reason for so many multiples don't you think?
    -- Adam C.
    2005-05-26 : That's interesting. I believe you that after three times throught the normal track, they switch to an alternate track. There aren't enough alternate tracks for there to be a remix version of every normal track, but most of the tracks are similar enough that they'd seem like remixes of each other. Still, I think you are right that it explains all the extra tracks. Good observation!
    -- Louis! :)
    2006-07-20: If anybody has a problem with their PSmplay file, try searching your computer for a WNASPI32.dll file and copy it and place it next to your PSmplay file. Sometimes it can't find this file and needs to run off of it.
    2006-07-21: Thanks for that suggestion about WNASPI32.dll! I found this page just today, and that was the problem I was having all along. I used PSXMultiConverter (freeware) to convert the files, and look forward to fixing up the track names as per your discoveries above.

    I downloaded some MP3s of the soundtracks of all three games from the 'net, a couple of years ago; I don't even remember what site it was, but goodness knows it's probably gone now. The soundtrack for Spyro 1 I got had only 41 files, and were mostly unidentified. Your page here is a big improvement.

    As for the person who says it plays "too fast": that's because the WAV files have a funny format. Most WAV files are 44,100 samples per second. The Spyro WAV files are usually 37,800 samples per second. If your computer was confused and thought "well, it's a WAV file, must be 44,100", it would play slightly fast, and the pitch would be slightly higher.

    It gets weirder. On Spyro 2 and 3, they stored the music and the speech samples in an extractable form, and the speech is at half the rate of the music: 18,900 samples per second. And it's mono to boot! Which makes sense; speech isn't nearly as rich as music, so it doesn't need a very high bit rate to sound good. There's also no point having a person's voice be in stereo.

    And, yes, I'm ripping all three games. But not to MP3--to FLAC. It's like MP3, but lossless, so it'll sound just as good as the originals. (See http://flac.sf.net/ for more information.)

    Here are the track titles from my downloaded version of the Spyro 2 soundtrack. The list below is in alphabetical order (only two tracks were numbered; #1 was "Gateway to Glimmer Forest" and #2 was "Summer Forest"):
    Aquaria Towers
    Autumn Plains
    Bagpipe Blarney!
    Breeze Harbor
    Clash with Crush!
    Cloud Temples
    Crystal Glacier
    ? (unknown, related to Crystal Glacier?)
    Dance a Hula!!!
    Dem Dancin' Bones!
    Dragon Shores
    Gateway to Glimmer Forest
    Grab the Crystal Popcorn!
    Gulp's Overlook
    Harbor Trolley Trouble!
    Icy Speedway
    Idol Springs
    Let's Play Hockey!
    Magma Cone
    Metro Speedway
    Mystic Marsh
    Ocean Speedway
    Ripto's Arena
    Robotica Farms
    Save the Cavemen!
    ...Save Them Again!!!
    ? (Shady Oasis)
    Skelos Badlands
    Summer Forest
    Sunny Beach
    Track Agent Zero!
    Winter Tundra

    Here are the titles I have for Spyro 3, and happily these were numbered:
    1. Opening Theme
    2. Sunrise Spring Home
    3. Sunny Villa
    4. Cloud Spires
    5. The Cloud Wakes
    6. Molten Crater
    7. Seashell Shore
    8. The Speedway Theme
    9. Sheila's Alp
    10. Buzz's Dungeon
    11. Midday Gardens Home
    12. Icy Peak
    13. Enchanted Towers
    14. Spooky Swamp
    15. Bamboo Terrace
    16. Spike's Arena
    17. Frozen Altars
    18. Lost Fleet
    19. Fireworks Factory
    20. Charmed Ridge
    21. Bentley's Outpost
    22. Scorch's Pit
    23. Midnight Mountain Home
    24. Desert Ruins
    25. Agent 9's Lab
    26. Unknown Track 1
    27. Unknown Track 2
    28. Unknown Track 3
    Note that it's possible some of those names are my own doing. I don't remember anymore.

    Hope this helps,
    -- larry

    2006/07/21: More from me, I'm afraid. And speaking of being afraid: I'm afraid PSXMultiConverter just doesn't cut it for Spyro 2 and 3. Oh, it appears to work great. But every track is cut short by some amount. So, for instance, "STR0001.WAV" as generated by PSXMc stops at 7:55. PSMPlay extracts the complete "channel" correctly, all 10:47 of it. Unfortunately, PSMPlay is terribly confused by the mono 18,900Hz speech at the end of each "channel". PSXMc understands those, but again chops off most of each track. (I'm happy to report that PSXMc works great for Spyro 1.)

    Sure would be nice if PSXMc did a better job; I emailed the author (I think) but I doubt anything will come of it. I'll probably wind up cutting up the PSMPlay .WAV files for the music, and preserving what I have of the speech tracks from PSXMc.


    2006/07/22 Hey, I can't seem to get psx multiconverter to run! I don't know where to get the right version or how to use it. If you could help that would be great!
    2006/07/23 I've figured out a lot more about Spyro 2 and 3. I've written a huge blog entry about it; it's today's update at my blog Momentary Fascinations:


    It includes a special tool that is particularly good at extracting the music and speech data from Spyro 2 and 3.



    2006-11-03 : Downloaded and extracted the files, but when I tried to run it, it opened and quickly disappeared.
    How can I fix this?
    2006-07-26 : Hi Larry. Thanks for the contributions! I'm thinking of using your tools to re-extract the tracks and see if I can find the missing 41st track. :)
    -- Louis! :)
    2006/08/10 : Larry again. I just discovered this: in January of this year, Stewart Copeland put "the soundtrack to Spyro 1" up on his web site. You can find it here, in a Flash music player:


    He has thirteen tracks, listed under what are apparently his original names. All are in the game; twelve of them are extractable from the Spyro CD. The remaining track is track 7, "Orbit". It's been a bit since I played Spyro, but I'm pretty sure that's the opening screen music, the music you hear as you load your save game from the "main menu". And yes, as I just noticed myself, it's not extractable (or at least not yet).

    Here's the list of tracks, in his order and with his names; I've put the levels they map to after each.

    1. Breather - Tree Tops
    2. Rain - Confronting Jacques
    3. Frog - Wizard Peak
    4. Squid - Confronting Metalhead
    5. Stoat - Dream Weavers World
    6. Grant - Gnork Cove
    7. Orbit - Main Menu
    8. Louis - Confronting Blowhard
    9. Scary_Flyer - Ice Cavern
    10. Five - Dark Hollow
    11. Potato - Lofty Castle
    12. Tiger - Icy Flight
    13. Avacado - Dark Passage

    And yes, that's how he spelled "avocado".


    2006-08-13 : Another excellent find! By the way, "07-Orbit" is 2_5/"Main Titles" in my number/naming scheme, and it is extractable. :)
    -- Louis
    2006-08-13 : D'oh! Thanks for pointing that out.


    (2006-10-01) : Yep! It is extractable!!! Whoo! Use Creative MediaSource and record 'What U hear' through the speakers! I've been looking for this music for ages! Any sites with the music from the 2 sequels on it out there? That would certainly make my day! You can change the track names to the original names once it's recorded. I'm not a computer wizz but Creative Mediasource is definitely a useful tool.
    -- Rach
    2006-10-02 : Just wondering does anyone have the songs from Spyro2 & 3 and if you need somewhere to host them i hear plunder (upload.plunder.com) is pretty good but it only lets you upload up to 30mb but apparently you can earn more space... by signing up, or you could just split it into more than one file if anyone has any luck in hosting them could they please email me at jakeass21@hotmail.com with the links
    -- YaKoB!!!
    2006-12-01 : Yo, Louis, I think I may have figured out the answer to that "new track" that someone emailed you about: they probably have the EU version.

    Since my last update, I've found seven new tracks for Spyro 1, three new tracks for Spyro 2, and three new tracks for (I think) Spyro 3. There's so much information, I've written a huge new blog entry:


    I hope you'll check it out, each and every one of ya. But in case you don't go there, at least go listen to the fourteen Spyro tracks posted by Stewart Copeland on his web site:

    and go watch this YouTube video of an old interview with Stewart Copeland on the making of the Spyro 1 soundtracks:



    2007-01-12 : Yay! Good detective work on solving that mystery, and in coming up with those new links!
    -- Louis! :)
    2006-12-20 : Looks like my host for the soundtrack doesn't exist anymore... So you might as well take down the link ;)
    Tom "MarioFreak"
    2007-01-12 : Done.
    -- Louis! :)
    2008-01-08 : A couple months ago, I found out that Stewart Copeland actually did the music for the (awful) fourth Spyro game, Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly. And there was a limited-edition soundtrack CD, available if you bought the game at Wal-Mart. So I got a used copy of the PS2 version that came with the soundtrack CD, and a friend and I figured out how to harvest the music out of it. That gave me just over an hour of new Spyro music by Stewart Copeland to enjoy.

    I also got copies of the Japanese releases of the first two Spyro games. (They didn't release the third game over there.) Those didn't have any audio I hadn't heard before.

    And finally, the Stewart Copeland organization put up "Spyro Rank Two", with more Spyro music, and three of the tracks didn't appear in any of the games. If you're cagey, you can figure out how to download the MP3s themselves. (Hint: use a proxy server.)

    So, I can safely say that, second only to Insomniac Games and Stewart Copeland himself, I have arguably the most complete collection of Stewart Copeland's Spyro music on the planet.

    Oh, and, regarding those audio pops: the audio is stored in a lossy format (Sony ADPCM), which can introduce noise. It might be the result of a sloppy encoding. But, regardless, it is in the source data, and little can be done about it. At least the soundtrack CD is crystal-clear.

    Obsessively yours,


    2008-04-11 : Hi! I live in Northern Europe and I have got all the PSX games (1, 2, 3) on PAL CD. Unfortunately, using PSMPlay confused me, since all it rendered was "Don't support the file"...

    Anyway, I downloaded PSX Multi Converter and tried to convert the files. In fact, all that came out was some sort of noise. So I decided to try to analyze it instead. Using the .STR converter did not actually make any difference, but the XA Converter made the files both readable and understandable!

    (Just if anyone's on my side of the world and not gotten it to work...) Nice site anyway, keep up the good work...
    -- Erik

    23/05/2008 : When i put my Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer disc i can not seem to find the tracks these are the tracks im looking for Gateway to Glimmer Forest" and #2 was "Summer Forest"):
    [code] Aquaria Towers
    Autumn Plains
    Bagpipe Blarney!
    Breeze Harbor
    Clash with Crush!
    Cloud Temples
    Crystal Glacier
    ? (unknown, related to Crystal Glacier?)
    Dance a Hula!!!
    Dem Dancin' Bones!
    Dragon Shores
    Gateway to Glimmer Forest
    Grab the Crystal Popcorn!
    Gulp's Overlook
    Harbor Trolley Trouble!
    Icy Speedway
    Idol Springs
    Let's Play Hockey!
    Magma Cone
    Metro Speedway
    Mystic Marsh
    Ocean Speedway
    Ripto's Arena
    Robotica Farms
    Save the Cavemen!
    ...Save Them Again!!!
    ? (Shady Oasis)
    Skelos Badlands
    Summer Forest
    Sunny Beach
    Track Agent Zero!
    Winter Tundra
    please help me find them some 1

    -- Jack
    3/6/08: So far I ripped most of the spyro 2 cd. problem: i cant not find some of the tracks. I used psmplay to rip the tracks, converted them to mp3 using iTunes, then cut them with audacity. I realized Breeze Harbor is not on there, nor Ripto's Arena, Autumn Plains, Sunny Beach, etc. Help? I need to find those tracks!
    (the date) : 2009-01-28 On Copelans website the tracks from spyro 1 have been removed and some spyro 3 & 2 tracks are there, does anyone have the spyso 1 songs from his website that I can download?
    -- Richard
    2009-06-02: hey, rich, i have every song from the spyro 1 game and know what levels they go with (excluding the ones that don't have levels, i loved that game...a little too much maybe), only thing is, i wouldn't know how to give them to you...
    -- Greg
    2009-06-15 : Hey..I found your site after searching wide and long for one exact sound effetct..the sound effect when Spyro in Year of Dragon game gets multiple gems.I tried to rip the game with a lot of programs , to no avail..does anyone has that particular sound effect?
    -- Vivie
    2009-09-13 : Hey, I just finished ripping the tracks off my game (with the help of your site, thanks!) and they presented themselves pretty much in the same order (in track length), until the 'general' alternate music towards the end, where they went all over the place. Other regular tracks were put at the end in what seemed like no logical order, such as "Toasty/Gnorc Gnexus", "Magic Crafters" and "Dark Hollow" (I assume maybe these were the last songs Stewart Copeland got round to mixing or something). There were about 70 tracks ripped overall, but some of them were the same song broken into pieces. For example, "Jacques" was broken into four segments, as the song begins to pop during the middle (it also included the big fuzz barrage at the beginning, which I reduced with noise removal techniques, although it itsn't gone completely – I kinda like it there!). I had to manually put these broken songs together, and in one case ("Twilight Harbour"), the end of the track wasn't found at all! So I had to copy the song over so it repeated close enough to the original and fade it out myself. Living in the UK, I have the copy of the game where the "High Caves" music is different to the North American music (which is a slower version of "Tree Tops"), and this also was broken and needed putting back together again. Since this song varied in different releases, that would be my only explanation as to why "High Caves" isn't with the rest in your initial rip track list. Of these 70 tracks (48 different songs in all), another 10 of these were just a second or two of noise, I assume from bad programming, or just faults with the disc. The music tracks preceding or following these noise tracks are the tracks that stop playing properly with loud pops during gameplay. Naturally these were deleted. Of the 48 tracks I saved, all but one were original, with one being the same as another track, only in mono, not stereo. I found out a large majority of the songs were in mono (21 out of these 48), so I saved them in mono to save disc space. Thanks again for your guide, I will get working on Spyro 2 soon!
    -- Ed
    2009-10-22 : Does anyone know how to get the files off Stewart Copeland's site. They are inside a shockwave flash player thing and are for some reason called "Spyro Rank 2" (??). By the way, thanks for this site. I just found it again after using it about 4 years ago to extract the music from my copy of Spyro.
    *edit* 2009-11-8 : For anyone else wanting to extract the music from their spyro games, an excellent program which works flawlessly for spyro 1 & 3 (i haven't tested spyro 2 yet) is PSound which can be found at [del]http://snailrush.online.fr/[/del] http://www.zophar.net/utilities/psxutil.html.
    *update* 2010-07-03 : The files from Stewart Copeland's site can be downloaded from http://www.stewartcopeland.net/multimedia/vault/wimpy.php
    -- Michael P
    (2010-09-23) : I've just been working on a utility to extract xa music from psx iso files (and not the physical CD) most of the old utilities moan about aspi drivers but if you use a file those problems go away (there are plenty of programs to extract iso's from psx disc). In the course of writing it I thought I could answer a few questions. Those pops are caused by clipping (when the volume goes higher than the format allows) in the original files. I too thought there was a problem with the decoder as my test iso spyro and I saw quite a bit of clipping on the first tune. After tuning the decoder I realised that they were part of the original signal so its not a decoder problem. As far as decoding goes almost every decoder is based off the same two sources (both equate to each other). I can't confirm its 100% correct because the ADPCM codec is proprietary and is not publicly documented but I intend to spend some time testing various options and as I will soon be in the possession of an uncompressed file I may be able to reverse engineer it. For a modern utility that works on the iso try jPSXdec (although its currently command line only) and PSX ultimate ripper (which was made to decrease the size of psx iso by removing the xa sectors before compression but does a very good job of finding the files). I'll release my own utility once I'm happy with the output.
    -- Andrew
    (2011-9-7) : I thank anyone who reads this message. I've been interested in seeing an audio rip of the game LSD Dream Emulator. If anyone is interested, please inform me of your adventures on my http://www.youtube.com/mrapophis account. Thank you.
    (2011-11-29) : I can't believe how easy it is to get the Spyro music compared to say 10 years ago.