2002-08-29 : Well, one of our users went and closed the console to the server side component of Sailfish. And, lo, a great cry went out: Make it so they can't do that no more! <Sigh>

OK, fine. We can run most of our app under javaw so we won't be tied to a console. But there are parts of our app (TNameServ comes to mind) that can't be so easily switched into console free mode. It would be nice to solve the general problem.

So, I wrote this little utility. It allows you to launch an arbitrary process, detached from any console, with stdout and stderr optionally redirected to files of your choice. It can't prevent an app from creating a new console, but very few do. The app won't appear in the task list, but you can still kill it with the task manager.


Usage: runhidden [options] <command and arguments>
        /?              this help
        /o  <filename>  open file for stdout and truncate
        /oa <filename>  open file for stdout and append
        /e  <filename>  open file for stderr and truncate
        /ea <filename>  open file for stderr and append
        /eo             send stderr to stdout

You can get the source via anonymous CVS at

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