2002-05-05 : Using imagesize, I wrote a JScript to build XML indices of the directories in my photo album. Then I added the capability for it to read the old HTML index and pull out all the descriptions (using regepx) and add that to the XML index as well. Now all my old albums pages are at least viewable again.

2003-05-24 : I added support for "web" resoultion images ("half" size images, bigger than thumbnails but not full size), and updated the indices.

2004-01-17 : I added support for automatically generating thumbnails as well.


UUsage: genIndex -dir  [-altHiRes]
       genIndex [-? | -h | -help]
    ?, h, help - This help message.
    dir  - Processes the specifed directory
    altHiRes - Assumes "w-" is mid res and no prefix is hi res.
               By defualt, "-h" is hi res and no prefix is mid res.
  All output is writen to index.xml, which must not exist. If a file
  named old[.]index.htm[l] exists, it is parsed for descriptions,
  otherwise blank descriptions are used.

You can get the source via anonymous CVS at

  • cvs -d co 2002/photoIndexConverter
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