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The following section is copied from my test wiki:

2002-01-30: Idea: What I really want (instead of having this wicki) is to be able to generate and edit web pages on the fly. I would like a standard footer that could bring up each web page in a text box for editing, and allow file creation, upload and deletion.

(2002-01-31) Here are my domain name ideas.

  • halfopeninterval
  • latenighthacking
  • theriothaumaturgy
  • glaucomysarcanum

    I bought mine at, $17

    (2002-01-31) Michael recommends as a possibility for maintaing a web site

    (2002-02-04) Ideas for web site maintenance

    Bring up edit page with value in textbox. Have a save button, which will post the data back. on post, write the page to disk and then display it.

    read the page and frame it.


  • 2002-02-07ish: The site comes into existence!

    2002-02-10: I plan to make this the page containing describing brainstorming and stuff for this site

    2002-02-12: Added old notes to this page retroactively.

    2002-02-19: some ideas

    2002-03-02 : Worked on the anonymous upload page. It all seems to work, except the posting acceptor seems to require authentication? I don't know what's up, and I'm tired of working on it for now, so I'll leave it for a while.

    2002-04-01 : "Finished" work on the log pages. There is now a calendar for finding any desired log entry. There are prev and next links on each page. And I can create a new entry any time by clicking an empty day on the calendar.

    2002-04-26 : Need to expose a CVS server so people can download code. (I mentioned this earlier in my journal.) Possibly use subversion instead? Work on adding ability for visitors to comment on the pages. Perhaps save the comments in a mirror directory tree?

    2002-10-20 : Server rebuild! I took the big drives out of Pathfinder and put them in Rambler. I moved everything off the 3.3G drive and reformatted it and did a clean Win2K install. Then I moved everything over and copied the IIS configuration. Sqsh and cvs services are running. I'll have to give it a while to shake down, but everything seems to be working! Now that I've got a beefier server, I figure I can install all the server side components I want. ASP.Net, PHP, Perl ... All of em! I think the next major improvement is going to be the addition of per-page reader comments. I figure the comments can be stored in XML in a shadow directory hierarchy, and they'll be added to each page as part of the common footer.

    2002-11-09 : First pass implementation of discussions is implemented. Excelent!

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