(This is the scratch version of the text to go here. I know it doesn't make sense.)

2002-03-02 : This project is to write a little JScript that will convert plain text of various formatting quality into nicely formatted HTML.

Note on the formatting: The TXT versions are the ones I downloaded from Mr. Howell homepage. The HTML versions are ones that I HTMLified. Because I have been able to save previous copies as Mr. Howell posts new revisions, I have enjoyed watching the story editing process. However, it can be hard to diff the text versions. The HTML versions have been reformatted to be one sentence per line for easier diffing, and of course are completely reformatted once again in your browser for easier reading. There should be no differences in the text between the two versions. The "part" boundaries are put in by the reformatting script where Mr. Howell puts his little dashed-line dividers. They don't necessarily have anything to do with how Mr. Howell officially divides his work into parts, sections, chapters, or books. They are provided for ease remembering where you are as you read these stories in multiple sessions.

2002-09-01 : Fixed a bug where section markers were not identified if they did not have a blank line before them.

2011-01-03 : Updated version at TextMassager.

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