2002-08-30: I really wanted to add a "recent changes" section to the front of my website. I tend to touch files all over the web site and people would never know where to go to find new stuff. I mean, if I create a backdated journal entry, who would ever know? And I'm too lazy to update a manual recent changes list! Remember, the goal is to make this site so easy to update that I do it every day.

I started by writing a script that would gather a list of all the files in a direcory recursively, with their modification times. After this turned out to be terribly slow due to the FileSystemObject, I had to rewrite it in C++.

Then I wrote a script that could take two different file lists and generate a new file containing the differences. I also had it add an entry to an index file so I wouldn't have to list all the files in a directory to find the most recent differences file.

Also included is a script that will kick off the above two scripts with the appropriate command line parameters.

These scripts, plus a web page script that converts the diff file into HTML, are what is used to update the recent changes info you see at the front of my web site.

You can get the source via anonymous CVS at

  • cvs -d co 2002/getChanges
    C o m m e n t s :    
    (nothing yet)