Alien Dice Scripts

2002-01-07: I have been helping Tiffany Ross with the web site scripts for her web comic Alien Dice.

The calendar, drop down list, and daily/archived stip framework were written by me. The page layout and the content are all her. :) I learned basic PHP while writing these scripts.


How to configure:

You can get the source via anonymous CVS at

  • cvs -d co 2002/AlienDice

    2002-09-10 : I have been doing some more work, addressing the latest requests from Tiffany. I have rewritten the TOC parser to use a new TOC format. The TOC now does not require a strict date ordering, but allows interleaved story lines. Plus this fixes the bug where you can't put anything in the TOC that happens in the future. :) I also added the concept of going to the next comic in TOC order rather than chronological order. This way you can step through the interleaved stories. I want to add support for a generic jump table before I give Tiffany the next release.

    Oh, and I learned about PHP references and objects this time. I find it interesting that PHP is basically a home-grown interpreter following in Perl's footsteps. The language has a certian "amateur" flavor to it. It hasn't yet reached the "professional" level of Java or even Perl. Even though the underlying engine uses references extensively, it is not well exposed to the programmer. Lots of times I wanted to use a reference, I just didn't have the option. The whole "inability" to assign a reference to a global is pretty counter-intuitive.

    2002-09-16 : Finished the changes. Added code for a jump box. The tag is mark6. The descriptions above are out of date. I passed the code to Tiffany. She'll probably need revisions, so I'll wait before doing more updates.

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