2002 Projects
2002-12-13 : A first attempt to analyze my web server log files.
2002-11-09 : Adding a discussion board to my site.
Headphone Switch
2002-09-13 : An attempt to build an anti-startle device.
2002-08-30 : Scripts to automatically generate recent-changes information by scanning the files in a web site.
2002-08-29 : A utility to run console apps without a console.
2002-08-27 : A hacked version of the Microsoft NT4 Resource Kit code that works under Win XP.
2002-07-24 : Tiny utility to recover froze Java windows.
Photo Index Converter
2002-05-05 : A little JScript that will convert my old HTML album index pages into my new XML format.
2002-04-28 : A quick and dirty app to find out the size of a picture.
2002-03-02 : A little JScript that will convert plain text of various formatting quality into nicely formatted HTML.
Spyro Music
2002-02-22 : Notes on how I converted the level music into MP3s
LateNighHacking.com Web Site
2002-02-07 : Notes about the code behind the scenes of this web site.
Spoken Punctuation
2002-01-24 : An idea for a way to say programs or command lines out loud.
Alien Dice Scripts
2002-01-07: I have been helping Tiffany Ross with the web site scripts for her web comic Alien Dice.
Paranoia Project
Photo Project
2002-02-10: I have plans on how to make a photo organization and publication app
Music Project
2002-02-10: I want to create a music server. Aspects include:
AVL Binary Tree Template Presentation
2002-01-12 : A presentation I created for a computer users group describing C++ pointers to members and how to use them to create a template for AVL binary trees.
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