2001 Projects
JScript Scope And Inheritance Presentation
2001-11-7 : A presentation I created for a computer users group describing scope and inheritance in JScript.
Glass Mosaic Stepping-Stones
2001-10-15 : A kill command worthy of root! You can now smite any process you wish and crash your computer whenever you want. Access Denied my butt!
2001-07 : I learned a lot writting this indispensible little tool that can save to disk the contents of ANY NT console window. It's not as easy as you might think...
MDD toolkit
The world definitely needs another high performance network IO library. ;) The goal is a cross platform threading and IO toolkit written to MY standards.
HTML Experiment: "Simple" Program
2001-02-07 : My mom wanted to see an example of a simple program.
2001-01-29 : A replacement for net file that actually does something useful.
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