Testing XML And XSL For Displaying Photo Album Pages

2000-10-11 : I'm always looking for ways of improving my photo album. I came up with an HTML format I rather liked, but if I ever change it I have to modify every file. Plus, the HTML is hard to work with in a program should I ever create an automated photo album management program. XML seemed like it was definitely the way to go. I would use XSL to format the final page.

My friend Michael was also interested in online photo albums, having one of his own. After developing my preliminary schema for a photograph page, I decided a good test would be to see if I could use my schema to hold his web page. The raw data fit very well. As a second test, I created an XSL stylesheet to convert the data into his style of web page. That also worked well. I suppose it's not too suprising, since I think his format was heavily influenced by mine. Anyway, I realized that I could just apply my stylesheet and make it look like my photo album! And the result is great!

Here are my proof of concept pages. This is just a random page (April 9, 2000) pulled from Michael's album. The two pages have identical data but different XSL stylesheets applied. The links on the pages are all broken because I didn't copy the actual files, only the thumbnails.

  • Michael's photos displayed in Michael's Style
  • Michael's photos displayed in Louis' Style
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