Mailbox Polling Protocol

2000-08-02 : I wanted to write a computer version of the Pokémon card game. I wanted to be able to play it over the Internet against a young friend of min in Washington state. I figured I could write the GUI in DHTML, but I needed some way to communicate between the two players. HTTP doesn't exactly allow you to establish a bi-directional session between two clients. In fact, it doesn't allow you do to much but poll a server. I decided I could use that as my communication protocol. I would write a little web service (as they are now known) that would keep track of a bunch of mailboxes. It would allow clients to poll for new messages and get and put messages. I decided to use XML as my message format. As I recall (now its 2002-04), this was before SOAP and such had become all the rage. :) Anyway, I wrote the server script and got it working, but never got around to writing the game that would talk to the server.

The files are here until I can think of a better way to present them.

  • default.asp - the main server page
  • global.asa - the IIS "web application" startup page (view source; it looks like a web page to IE)
  • mailboxes.xml - the data file
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