1999-02-10(?) : After doing the maze generator, I got this other idea into my head. I went to the HeadBone Zone and they had these games you could play over the web. The game I tried (Hack-back) was interesting, but seemed buggy as all get-out. I figured I could do better, and I eventually had to write Ataxx using DHTML. It's spiffy looking, but requires two people to play. Or you can just play against yourself I guess. :)

By default, it doesn't play with quite the correct rules. Michael convinced me that you weren't allowed to move along diagonals. I've since found documentation that says you can, but I think the game is more interesting this way. Pressibus has an amazing web page devoted to the history of this game. That is where I learned that I had messed up the rules. I was also quite suprised to find it had a link to my little implementation! Cool.

This is the third time I've implemented this game. That's not the worst, though. I've done Centipede at least four times. :)

[2002-08-02 : Don't ask me why on my third implementation I got confused on the rules. :) As I said earier, I guess I just found the altered rules amusing. In my defense, you can "just" change g_bAllowDiagonal to true and it will play with proper rules. Perhaps someday I'll expose it through the UI. :) ]

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2006-04-30 : Apparently, someone wants to advertise a similar game they have made.
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2006-08-22 : hacker 14329403728394 is coming for u run thank u noob also 19449938
2006-08-24 : Um. Quite so.
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