1999 Projects
1999-12-13 : An HTML Application that allows you to create a set of flashcards that the computer can use to drill you on the topic of your choice.
HTML Experiment: Tree For A Web Page
1999-10-23 : An experiment in alternative web page designe and in interactive animation techniques.
HTML Experiment: Cell Quiz
1999-09-10 : A demo showing off how you could use HTML for computer assisted teaching.
HTML Experiment: Dinotopia Font
1999-02-26 : An experiment to see what a web page would look like in the Dinotopia font.
E.S. Player
1999-02-14 : The start of a player for MovieSetter animations on Win32 machines.
HTML Experiment: Ataxx
1999-02-10(?) : An experiment in writing a computer board game in DHTML.
HTML Experiment: Maze Generation
1999-02-10(?) : An experiment building mazes in Javascript and DHTML.
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