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All my projects and project brainstorming will go here. I keep adding more from time to time, so hopefully you will find that incentive to visit this page again in the future. Note: Some project pages contain only my notes and so they may only make sense to me. :)

I'm in a bit of a quandry at the moment as to whether or not to organize my projects by when they were started or when they were last worked on. At the moment, they are organized mostly by when they were last worked on. This is because most of the time, all I have to work from are the file modification timestamps. Also, many projects don't last that long, so it's not an issue. However, I do have a few that have been ongoing. I'm not sure how to organize them. I think that for now, I'll tend to organize them by last-worked-on date, but we'll see.

Comments about licensing of my software projects are here.

2015 Projects
How to Train Your Dragon Bingo - Hello Kitty Bingo - Regular Expression Ordinals - 7 Wonders Science Calculator
2014 Projects
Fund Balance - Spritz
2013 Projects
My Little Pony Bingo
2012 Projects
BrowseAmp Skin - Drop7 Solver
2011 Projects
Text Massager - Backup Server - Rational
2010 Projects
Math Triples - Word Play - Parks Project - Radiology Passport - Whatsit
2009 Projects
Music Collection Maintenance - Lit - Computer Consolidation - Secret Santa
2008 Projects
Forest Park Maps - Web Photo Ideas
2005 Projects
Logarithmic Clock - Unit Testing Tips And Tricks: Database Integration
2004 Projects
Sequentia - Planning: The Wonderland Trail Expedition - ConsoleSize - Distributed File Synchronization - Reverse Engineering An Attack by Exploit CAN-2004-0380 - Co-planar Projection - Java GC Log Viewer - ImageManip
2003 Projects
SendSignal - Reverse Engineering Index.dat - Music Service
2002 Projects
AnalyzeLog - Discuss - Headphone Switch - GetChanges - RunHidden - Kill - UnfreezeJWin - Photo Index Converter - ImageSize - HTMLify - Spyro Music - Web Site - Spoken Punctuation - Alien Dice Scripts - Paranoia Project - Photo Project - Music Project - AVL Binary Tree Template Presentation
2001 Projects
JScript Scope And Inheritance Presentation - Glass Mosaic Stepping-Stones - GodKill - SaveConsole - MDD toolkit - HTML Experiment: "Simple" Program - NetFileX
2000 Projects
Testing XML And XSL For Displaying Photo Album Pages - Trace Window - DbgMem - Superior Assert - Mail Box Polling Protocol
1999 Projects
Flashcards - HTML Experiment: Tree For A Web Page - HTML Experiment: Cell Quiz - HTML Experiment: Dinotopia Font - E.S. Player - HTML Experiment: Ataxx - HTML Experiment: Maze Generation
1998 Projects
HTML Experiment: Flying Backgrounds
Others' Projects
Scribble - One Thousand Blank White Cards - Untitled! Screen Saver
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