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Well, I like to make up stories, just like any kid. I even write a few down. :) Most of my stories are about furries.

I like to write when I have time. Here you will find links to the stories I have written. I don't claim they are especially good, and none of the stuff I write should be taken too seriously. In fact, the funny thing is that sometimes when I look back on what I've written, I end up disappointed, and yet other times I like it. <Sigh> Well, here it is anyway. Enjoy.



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    The Big One

    Well, I've been working on this one for quite a while. The storyline keeps changing. I've got a couple of chapters that don't even fit anymore. I'll try to wade trough it. :)

    Serin's origin

    Serin is a blue fox I imagined when I was visiting my Grandparents in Quincy. His name is derived from serendipity, not the poison gas. I wrote these two stories out by hand when I was a frosh. I'd write for an hour or so in bed before going to sleep.

    Nutsy and Josh

    This story started the summer of my frosh year, when I was living in Redmond. I decided to make up a companion for Nutsy while I was walking home. Then and there, Josh came in to being. I imagined how they met, and pondered the story in my head. That's chapter one. Trying to spur my creativity, I wrote and illustrated about one page of story. That became chapter 2. Things went fine for another chapter or so. Then I tried to write myself into the story, but I decided it didn't really fit, so that's an interesting chapter that doesn't fit into the story. Instead Faehlyn and Serin became the story, providing a lot of ideas but few written chapters.

    I kept planning more story. I got bogged down on what should happen. Also, the earlier chapters didn't really fit in with the story that was growing up around Faehlyn. Senior year I realized what I should do. I plan to split the story into the new story and the old short story, which wasn't written with a larger goal anyway. By rewriting the introduction, I can give more background and motivation, and be more consistent in the style (since the first chapters are too silly for the type of story this is developing into).

    The 'Quick' Story

    This is a completely different story. I started out trying to write it just a little bit at a time, writing as quickly as I could for ten minutes or so (thus the name). Ten wasn't enough. So, I wrote for twenty minutes more. Well, as I got more into it, I spent longer and longer on each section. :)

    This story is also in a different style from what I usually write. I'm trying to keep it very first person, with that person being ME! I also use more profanity than I usually allow.

    I wrote most of this as a junior, living in Avery house. I'm about to get to the interesting twist behind this story, if I ever get some more time to work on it.

    The Lemondrop Conquest

    At the end of my frosh year, I wanted to start another writer's brawl. Brian and I had an interesting IRC conversation that gave me an idea for how to start it. I spent some time thinking about it, and I was ready to start it in September. I wrote part of the lead-in story, but finally decided it would never work. After all, these thinks are supposed to be short and extemporaneous, and here I had the whole thing planned out. There wasn't much room for creativity, so I let the idea fall. Here's what I had so far.

    Other Stories

    Here are some more random short stories.

    The Spokane Literary Brawl TWO
        (1997-02 to 1997-06)
    After College
    Ah, the Pokémon phenomenon. I liked Pokémon, but was never as entranced as some. I was thinking about the game and its weird idea of capturing creatures in little balls. How could such a thing come about? I got an idea stuck in my head for a story about how it all might have begun. I wanted to turn it into one of those absolutely off the wall fan fics you sometimes see (like the Pong fan fic). So I took a stab at it.
    National Nover Writer's Month is a month long challenge to write a novel. The goal is flat-out word count, not quality in the slightest.
    Being The Game
    Tiffany Ross was holding a competition for fan fiction for Alien Dice. She wanted to get ten entries before beginning the judging, but she only had six. I wanted to contribue, if for no other reason than to allow the judging to proceed, but I couldn't come up with any sort of story idea. Finally I thought I might discuss what it was like to be one of the lower class dice, and the relationship they would have with their player. I though I could perhaps give my take on what it was like to be bound by a dice and why a die would fight strenuously against being captured when they might actually like their player. I could perhaps make it interesting by giving the die an unusual initial challenge.

    I started writing, but I didn't get to any of the interesting topics before I ran out of steam. Plus I found it hard to create sympathy for the protagonist so quickly.

    The Further Adventures Of Nutsy And Josh
    It's obvious I like comic strips. I was trying to think up ideas for what I could do if I decided to draw one myself. One of them involved Nutsy being hit on the head with a flying copyright symbol. This, of course, he found quite annoying, and he would want to get me back. This could lead to further blunt trama (why does it always come to this?), and I realized that could throw things wide open. Perhaps not a comic, but a story was in the offing.

    Having dinner at Bread Co on 2002-01-12, I sketched a rough introduction in a script-like format. Sketchy as I tried to be, I didn't get very far. (natch.) Much time passed. On 2002-12-31, while waiting for midnight so I could celebrate the beginning of the new year, I decided to write more story to pass the time. I didn't have the original for reference, so you will notice some variations.

    While out walking, I had an idea for another story segment. "Further Adventures" sets up a repeatable premise, kind of like episodes in a TV series. (The premise is that they have to track down each of the pieces of the antenna. Each piece is in a different world, and is bonded to a character or important artifact in that world, and our heros have to get the person/artifact back to base and the piece extracted. ) I had this vague notion that I could create a comic strip version for some of the episodes. Given this story idea that I had been having a great time playing with on my walk, I decided to try to write it down in "movie script" format so I could later turn it into a comic. The story is incomplete, because I haven't figured out how to conclude it. In fact, it's a problem with the whole series. What do I do with the single episode characters? Do I kill them off, or let them live? Do I add them to the party or send them home? I just don't know yet. Also, see the sketches.
    Nas Kan Fan Fiction
    I like Lan Louis from Brian Antoine's Nas Kan stories. I don't know, maybe it's just the similarity in the names. Anyway, I wanted to contribute something, and Lan's whole childhood is pretty much open. I thought it would be neat if I could come up with some stories about what it is like training to be a mage. (Moved to its own page!)
    'Cause The Chicks Dig It
    I was feeling really frustrated after work. I was working out on the tread mill, and I decided that rather than fuming, I needed something to put me into a good mood. Somehow, this storylet based upon the song by Chris Cagle came into my head and really made me laugh. It made my evening, and I had to write it down.
    Moira Gray
    I thought that Lady Moira Gray from "The Further Adventures Of Nutsy And Josh" must have an interesting story behind her. Where did she come from? Could I do a better job telling her story? Again, I though I could do something episodic with scenes from her life. (Moved to its own page!)
    Time Well Wasted

    I had a vague idea to write / draw a web comic. Not that I was truly serious of course. I fully understand that such things are very time consuming labors of love. But you only get better at the things you encourage your brain to do. You need to draw 1,000 to 10,000 pictures to be a good artist. Look at any amateur web comic, and you'll notice the art starts out terrible and gets better quickly. So, any effort I put into it would be time well wasted.

    The first strip I did was on 2006-08-31. I did four and a half strips. But I have ideas for more!

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