I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I, wanna talk about number one, oh - my - me - my!
What I think, what I like, what I know, what I want, what I see.
I like talking about you you you you usually, but occasionally, I want to talk about me!
- Toby Keith, "I Wanna Talk About Me"

Or perhaps you prefer the classics?

I would not obtrude my affairs so much on the notice of my readers if very particular inquiries had not been made by my townsmen concerning my mode of life, which some would call impertinent, though they do not appear to me at all impertinent, but, considering the circumstances, very natural and pertinent.

I will therefore ask those readers who feel no particular interest in me to pardon me if I undertake to answer some of these questions.

I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well. Unfortunately, I am confined to this theme by the narrowness of my experience.

I trust that none will stretch the seams in putting on the coat, for it may do good service to him whom it fits.

- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Well, from here you can access the pages of my journal as I write them. I expect this will be like a weblog, or diary. Expect to see random musings, notes on the day's activities, and project ideas. I'm following the sunrise date rule when labeling these posts: late in the evening, the date doesn't change until the sun rises. :) Also available is the Work Notes Index.

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C o m m e n t s :     updated: 2008-10-05 (3848 days ago)
hi I'm a programmer too are you still ???? :) send me something good if you reached ;) {It's reall send me mails man ... okey? ;) }