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Books I've Read
I've started many times to record a list of the books I've read, but the lists always fall into disuse. Oh well. Here goes another try at keeping a reading list. :) For the record, this list lasted from 2002 to 2013 before it fell into disrepair.
  • For stories published only on the internet, I'm using the NaNoWriMo criterion: It counts as a novel if it's at least 50K words (aprox. 175 pages).
  • Books that have been recommended to me.
  • Series I'm Reading - page to keep track of which books I've read in long running series.
  • My Favorite Stories.
  • From my sister: Fantastic Fiction, an excellent reference.
  • GoodReads, a site for swapping book reviews.
  • PaperBackSwap, a site for exchanging books.
  • Books that Katie has read and Emily has read from the library.
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