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Monitor Calibration
Any time a computer use used for high quality image processing, the conundrum of color calibration for the input and output devices (cameras, scanners, monitors, and printers) rears its ugly head. Luckily, precision output is not an priority for my web photo album. However, I do try to adjust the brightness on pictues if they are too dark, and I've found that what is too dark on one monitor is acceptible on another. For this reason, I'm providing a
calibration image. Obviously, it would be unreasonable of me to ask visitors to calibrate their monitors specially just to look at my pictures. I am including this so that I can calibrate my monitors when I edit pictures on different computers. You are of course welcome to calibrate your monitor to match mine for best results. :)
Naming Convention
Generally, I am using the original serial number file names provided by my DC260. I downsample the images from 1536x1024 to 640x427 and save them at 15% JPEG compression. Thumbnails are downsampled again to 100x67 and have "t-" prepended to the file name. If a file was retouched, I append "r" to the file name. If I save an original (high-quality), I append "-h" to the file name.

2003-05-24 : New convention: images are kept in their original format and file names. Mid-resolution "web" optimal images are saved with "w-" prepended, at 640x427, 85% quality. Thumbnails are still the same.

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