How I Set Up A Computer

This page is obviously old, but still sometimes useful. For a reference on services, see Black Viper. For XP:

  1. adjust screen resolution to high, best color depth
  2. set mouse pointers to animated hourglasses (appstart.ani, hourglas.ani)
  3. set folder options
  4. tweak power options
  5. rename my computer to (computer name)
  6. set path to include c:\localcmd
  7. set prompt to {$t$h$h$h$h$h$h $p}$_$g
  8. enable tab completion, quick edit mode, make screen buffer 8000 rows
  9. install paint shop pro
  10. install winamp
    1. set winamp to always on top, icon in tray, no agent, read titles on load, repeat mode
  11. copy localcmd
  12. copy music, my documents
  13. map q: to music directory
  14. init IE, set home page to blank
  15. put notepad in send-to and hide usless entries
  16. put IE, cmd, notepad and calculator in quickstart and hide useless entries
  17. start taskmgr, set to hide on minimize, add to startup
  18. set calc to be in scientific mode
  19. install office and visc
  20. get win service pack, critical updates, messenger, ect.
  21. set up outlook account
    1. pin the folders
    2. [preferences->email options->advanced options->]"save replies with message"
    3. [(same)->]"allow comma as address separator"
    4. [spelling->]"always check spelling" "ignore all caps" "ignore words with numbers"
    5. [other->preview Pane->]"mark messages as read in preview window after 5 seconds"
  22. copy quicklinks and bookmarks
  23. turn on "beep on capslock" (hold numlock for 5s)
  24. install getright
  25. set control panel on start menu to be a menu (not a link), remove unused items from start menu
older stuff for For Win2K:
  1. Create Louis Thomas
  2. add to administrators group
  3. put logoff in start menu
  4. set background to Prairy Wind, tiled
  5. set background color to 0,80,80
  6. install winzip
  7. delete c:\my music
  8. get visc service pack
  9. Get win symbols
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