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Hello! This is my Christmas / birthday / whenever wish list. This file was last updated 2011-11-10 (2717 days ago).

I have an Amazon Wish List.

2010-11 : My clothes size: winter: 18 months; spring/summer: 24 months.


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    1. It's all I can do to keep myself from getting this right now!
    2. I'd really like this.
    3. I'd like this. (Good stuff, but not highest.)
    4. This is really cool, but pretty frivolous. :) (Probably anything over about cost 1.7 that's not a rank 1.)
    1. Someday, I'd like to get this. (Other interesting things that end up on the list)
    2. This is cool, but would I ever use it? (Expensive and added on a whim)
    3. Too bad it's imposible to get this! (Things I wish existed)
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  • Reserved: Someone is considering this - talk to them first.

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    W i s h l i s t
    Rank Cost Date Type Link Description Reserved
    2 . 2011-11-9 Activity Stickers and Sticker Book
    2 . 2011-11-9 Activity Easel or art table
    2 . 2010-11-27 Clothing Sunday Afternoon, Girl's Grasshopper Shirt, Size 3T
    2 . 2010-11-27 Clothing Sunday Afternoon, Children's Play Hat, Child Size 2-5, Color Primrose
    2 . 2010-11-27 Clothing Life is Good T-Shirt X-Small or Small Child
    2 . 2011-11-9 Clothing Art Smock
    2 . 2011-11-9 Furniture Tower or step stool for the kitchen (need to investigate more)
    2 . 2011-11-9 Toy Dollie - life-like, with accessories like clothes, doll bed, bottle, etc.
    2 . 2011-11-9 Toy Kitchen - with all the bells and whistles, food and cooking supplies
    2 . 2011-11-9 Toy Creatures and toys for the pool
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