The Second Month - Second Half
Katie Snuggles Against Mom at Bread Company.
Good Morning, Sunshine!
Happy Katie on Mom's Lap.
Katie Ready to People-Watch at Bread Company.
Katie and Dad Ready to Do Housework.
Mom and Dad Say Goodbye to Katie Before Valentines Dinner.
Katie in Her Swing.
Happy Katie!
Snow Day!
Yoga Baby in Her Car Seat.
Katie Uses Her Bathtub as a Chaise Lounge.
Katie and Mom Ready for Breakfast.
Dad Gives Katie a Manicure.
Dad Relieves Grandma from Babysitting Duties.
Is She a Nun or a Boxer?
Pipsqueak at the Orchid Show.
Katie and Mom at the Orchid Show.
Katie's First Trip to the Zoo.
Katie Snoozes Through the Zoo.
Katie Goes For a Ride Around The Neighborhood.
Mom and Uncle Daniel Give Katie a Bath.
Baby Bottom!
Katie Hangs Out with Uncle Daniel.
Katie and Uncle Daniel. Katie Is Two Months Old Today!