Stories by Brian W. Antoine

I'm a big fan of Brian Antoine's work! Visit his homepage. He gave me official permission to mirror his stories.

For me, it started when I found a really neat drawing (by Jordan Greywolf) on the net when I was a freshman in college. It showed a guy who was clearly a wizard or mage of some sort. It showed a little flying blob of a robot which I recognized from the old TV show "Hard Time on Planet Earth". And it showed a fox lady. They were standing in a clearing, and in the background was a stone arch with a misty interior, clearly a magic portal. OK, now somehow this artist managed to capture every fantasy theme I love in one picture. It was so cool. Very understated - no battles, no lechery, no fantastic castles and thunderstorms in the background. It had more impact with me because the artist had tried to make the scene feel realistic and normal.

I later discovered that this drawing was in fact based on stories that someone had written. Not only did these people exist for a frozen moment, but they had histories and depth! Now I was truly excited. And of course, I inhaled the stories as fast as I could. A few of them are still some of my all time favorite stories.

I've been in contact with Brian off and on. In fact, I even contributed to a collaborative writing effort with Brian and some other local authors. Now that I host my own web site, I'm proud to be able to host a copy of Brian's work for others to enjoy.

The last change to this mirror was on 2011-11-10. The last time I checked Brian's server ( for changes (by downloading everything) was 2011-11-10. Last check of the recent changes page was 2011-11-10.

Story Archives Of The Family Nas-Kan
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The collected stories of Kyrn the Assassin.
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Story LiveJournal Posts
A quick index of Brian's LiveJournal posts that contain story fragments.
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02/05/2005: It's a wonder to find this mirror site. The Family nas Kan was a riot when I was living far from home, and the trials and tribulations of web life cause me to possess my own personal "mirror site" that I have migrated from computer to computer until it finally has taken up residence in my Ipod. I love Brian's work, I just wish he had more time to write these days. ~Wolf Gray