Technical Reference

Sometimes its nice to have your own copy of stuff. BTW, I make no claim on this info. I've gathered it from other places and it's probably all out of date. If I get complaints, I'll just take it down. But I find it nice to have a copy of things that won't disappear on me.

From the OSU CIS dept. RFC archive
  • RFC1945 (HTTP 1.0)
  • RFC2068 (HTTP 1.1)
  • RFC2109 (HTTP Cookies)
    Microsoft KB Articles
  • Q268343 - Umdhtools.exe How to Use Umdh.exe to Find Memory Leaks
  • How To Do Null Session Shares
    Help Files
  • GNU Wget Manual
  • w32tm
  • Single Unix Specification, Version 2
  • CVS Manual
  • Motorola HDD200 Series High Definition Decoder User Guide
  • Motorola DCT2000 User Guide
  • Microsoft PowerShell (RC1) Documentation Pack
  • Vigor2910 Series, V3.5
  • IBM COBOL Language Reference v5.1.1.pdf
  • IBM COBOL Programming Guide v5.1.1.pdf
    Papers, Etc.
  • JMS Tutorial for jdk 1.3.1
  • Book: Essential Skills For Agile Development
  • 20050419 - Living With Systems in Production- Avoiding Heartbreak in Long-Term Relationships With Your Code - Nygard, Michael.pdf
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