Proposed Site Layout

I've always found it hard to figure out how to lay out a site. It often seems like things should go in more than one place.

Then there's the whole depth vs. breadth problem. I first heard about it in a biology book. The book described two different camps of taxonimists - the splitters and the groupers. The splitters like to branch early in the classification hierarchy, thus producing a wide, shallow tree. The groupers are the opposite - they like to keep related animals grouped as long as possible, resulting in a narrow but deep tree.

I have since run across the problem many times. It crops up when organizing my files on my harddrive and organizing my web site. It's a challenge that must be faced when maintaining Java packages and any OO class hierarchy. It's a problem in source control systems during branching and merging. I guess it happens any time you attempt to impose a strict hierarchy on something which is only loosely hierarchichal. :)

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