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This is my own little niche in the web. I've heard it said that everyone has a novel inside them, just waiting to get out. Well, I think I've got a web site inside of me. ;) Around here you'll find code, pictures, stories, and all sorts of things I've created or collected through many late nights at the keyboard. Enjoy!"

- Louis, proprietor
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LateNightHacking now going on it's seventh year! Not as many projects as I hoped, but other than that, things have been going well. Even my wife is joining in the fun. Come in and look around. :)

There is no such thing as a finished web site. I know that I will not be able to keep a whole website fresh, but I hope that there will always be something new and interesting here. I actually have a lot of stuff stored up that I want to put here, so it shouldn't take long for this site to bloom.

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HE AMK HE BUNADA HACKED :)))))))))))) haha